Streamflow IPTV

Step by Step on how to install IPTV on IOS: Apple TV, IPAD, MAC

Whether you have APPLE TV, IPAD or MAC transform your IOS Device into a powerful streaming device With Streamflow TV.

Step 1: Open the App Store:

On your iOS device, open the App Store. You can find it on your home screen.

Step 2: Search for “ibo pro player”:

Use the search bar at the bottom of the App Store and type “ibo pro player.”

Step 3: Download and Install the App:

On the app’s page, Tap on it to initiate the download and installation process.

Step 4: Open the App

Tap on the app icon to launch “ibo pro player” and send us Mac Address and Device Key our Responsive Team will automatically activate your subscription.

Step 4: Sit Back and Relax!

Now you can Enjoy your favorite content

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